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  • Cityscape Voyager: The Urban Adventurer Tee

Cityscape Voyager: The Urban Adventurer Tee

22,00 €Preço
IVA não incl.

For this T-shirt design, I explored a future where fashion and function intertwine in the urban jungle. The character at the center is a symphony of style and futuristic vision, decked out in a heavy-duty, yet stylishly tailored, jacket and pants, with a backpack ready for the day's demands. The goggles and whimsical headgear add a playful yet mysterious air, suggesting a character who is part of a larger, intriguing story. The background, a vivid street scene, brings depth and context, inviting the wearer into a world where every corner holds a new adventure. The palette is rich with blues and oranges, reflecting the energy and pulse of city life.

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